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HYALURONPEN – Facial Volume enhancement and contour tightening, – without the needle!!



Hyaluronic Pen is an innovative, no-needle method of administering fillers to the deeper layers of the skin, namely the dermis. Ideal for lip enhancement and contour toning, using Hyaluronic Acid as the filler. This Substance is naturally present in our skin, unfortunately as we age the levels decrease and less is produced.

This degeneration causes a reduction in structure, support and volume of the skin, causing wrinkles. However, the body is constantly capable of absorbing Hyaluronic acid and the introduction of the acid with this high pressure (80km/h) revolutionary device into the subcutaneous layers of the skin not only stimulates the body’s natural production which binds to water molecules, thus enhancing and tightening facial contours as well as the neck, creating a more youthful appearance.

Results are immediate and last from 6months to two years, depending on the thickness of the skin.


Treatment areas:

  • Needleless volume enhancement of the Lips
  • Needleless wrinkle reduction of the Nasolabial folds
  • Needleless volume enhancement of the cheeks
  • Needleless wrinkle reduction of the frown lines (located between the eyebrows)

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